NOVA Speaker



Designed for those who do not have a large listening room, the Nova is the latest addition to our range of speakers based on the following characteristics: a high-performance and broadband main driver  (200 Hz to 20 KHz) with an impressive neodymium motor delivering a magnetic field of more than 1 Tesla, working in dipole and mounted in open air.


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A 17 cm woofer, also with a neodymium motor and a long linear excursion (18 mm), offers below 200 Hz, and impressively expresses low-spectrum sounds considering the size of the speaker. Beyond the 20 kHz, a high-quality ribbon tweeter, capable of restoring very high frequencies and their harmonics up to 45 kHz, supports the extreme treble.


To get all the musical quality of the AudioNec speakers in a column of only 24 cm wide, 110 cm high and 45 cm deep, several years of development were required to achieve the current design that maintains the same magical listening experience of its big sister, the Crystal.


The Nova is available in all existing colours and in two versions. The standard version with passive crossover allows its use with any amplifier with a minimum recommended power of 40 watts. The Signature version, which comes with its digital DSPV4 processor for digital crossover, low frequencies amplification, acoustic correction of the listening room and system optimization.


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FREQUENCY RESPONSE (Hz-kHz +- 3 dB) : 33 - 45

EFFICIENCY (dB/W/m) : 96

TWEETER (20 kHz - 45 kHz) : Ribbon Super Tweeter

MEDIUM (200 Hz - 20 Hz) : DuoPole™ M3

LOW (21 Hz - 200 Hz) (2x) : woofer 17 cm

IMPEDANCE (Ohms) : 8

DIMENSIONS (H x L x P cm) : 110 X 24 X 45

WEIGHT (Kg) : 60

WARRANTY (year) : 5


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