AudioNec DSPV4 Processor



The AudioNec DSPV4 Processor is delivered with all AudioNec Signature speakers and available for all AudioNec servers owners to ensure optimum performance in the user listening environment.


The DSPV4, performs not only system optimization and room acoustic correction, it also functions as a top-echelon crossover, preamplifier and amplifier fior the low.


As you know, the room is one of the deciding factors about the sound quality of any system.  Therefore the advanced DSP system of the  AudioNec speakers not only brings the drivers and their integration close to perfection, it also provides the ability to include one of the most sophisticated room acoustic correction system you could imagine.


This is not enough, the DSPV4 processor working in the digital domain provides the best crossover one could dream of. In fact, each AudioNec speaker gets rid off passive crossovers.

The frequency separation is obtained by real time software computation. This is the only way not to face the issues relative to capacitors and selfs usually at work in traditional crossovers.

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