DSPV4 processor:


Having this exceptional design, we had to ensure that it can be integrated into the listening room the best way. As you know, the room is one of the deciding factors about the sound quality of any system.  Therefore, the advanced DSP system of the  "Diva V2" speakers not only brings the drivers and their integration close to perfection, it also provides the ability to include one of the most sophisticated room acoustic correction system you could imagine. DSPV4 also provides the very best amplification for the low drivers you can dream of.

Altogether the result is really exceptional with tremendous speed, a natural balance and unparalleled macro and micro dynamics.

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AudioNec Diva V2 Speaker



The "Diva V2" speaker is with Crystal speaker the narrowest AudioNec speaker so far.  "Diva V2" speaker is 29 cm wide only.  Despite this, Diva V2 is not at all a small speaker, it is a rather tall one with 203 centimeters high. This new speaker pushes the limit of what a true high-end speaker system can bring to the music lover.


“Diva V2” speaker is a no compromise speaker.


Thanks to the lack of passive crossover and to the digital optimisation performed

by the DSPV4 processor, the “Diva V2” speaker is linear from 20 Hz to 45 kHz.


Of course "Diva V2" speaker uses the fantastic medium treble wide band driver at work on all our range of speaker. Again here, no box, the driver from 200 Hz to 20 kHz works as a dipole in free air with no load.


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FREQUENCY RESPONSE (Hz-kHz +- 3 dB) : 22 - 45

EFFICIENCY (dB/W/m) : 93

TWEETER (20 kHz - 45 kHz) : Ribbon Super Tweeter

MEDIUM (200 Hz - 20 Hz) : DuoPole M1

LOW (21 Hz - 200 Hz) (2x) : Subwoofer 23 cm

IMPEDANCE (Ohms) : 8

DIMENSIONS (H x L x P cm) : 199 X 29 X 59

WEIGHT (Kg) : 95

WARRANTY (year) : 5


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