AudioNec Diva XL V2



As its name suggests, the Diva XL V2 is a speaker based on no compromise, in every sense of the word. With its 2 meters high, its 45 cm wide, and especially its 2 15 Inches Subwoofers, it is destined for music lovers who have a nice listening room and who have no neighbours Issue.


Like its «little» sister the Diva, it is equipped with our high-performance Duo-Pole main driver (200 Hz - 20 kHz), which benefits from an imposing neodymium motor with magnetic field of more than 1 Tesla, operating in Dipole and boxless.


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Beyond the 20 kHz, a high-quality and powerful ribbon tweeter, capable of restoring very high frequencies and their harmonics up to 45 kHz, ensures the extreme treble.

What makes the Diva XL V2, an exceptional speaker, is among other things, its bass register explored with ease and dynamic hold up to 14Hz by its 15 Inches subwoofers, each of them mounted in a sealed enclosure.


Beyond its capacity to play double bass, large organ or symphony orchestra at rarely reached levels, it is a whole musical universe that opens itself to the listener, allowing for a deep, wide and stable audio experience.


The smallest micro information is present with acuity and striking realism. The Diva XL’s level of excellence is unmatched as it is probably one of the very very best in the world, to this day.

The Diva XL V2 is available in any desired RAL colour and comes with its DSPV4 digital processor, which provides both digital crossover, low frequencies amplification, acoustic correction of the listening room and system optimization.


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FREQUENCY RESPONSE (Hz-kHz +- 3 dB) : 14 - 45

EFFICIENCY (dB/W/m) : 96

TWEETER (20 kHz - 45 kHz) : Ribbon Super Tweeter

MEDIUM (200 Hz - 20 Hz) : DuoPole™ M1

LOW (14 Hz - 200 Hz) (2x) : Subwoofer 15 Inches

IMPEDANCE (Ohms) : 8

DIMENSIONS (H x L x P cm) : 200 X 45 X 60

WEIGHT (Kg) : 175

WARRANTY (year) : 5



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