DSPV4 processor:


As all Signature AudioNec speakers, the "Crystal Signature" speaker system comes with it's powerful DSPV4 processor system that performs the room acoustic correction the system optimisation and the amplification for the low.

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AudioNec Crystal V2 Speaker



The "Crystal V2" speaker is with the "Diva V2" the narrowest AudioNec speaker so far.

"Crystal V2" speaker is 29 cm wide only.  This new speaker system not only is the perfect choice

for every small or mid sized room, it will also be a very nice choice for big rooms.


“Crystal V2” speaker despite it's small footprint is able to reproduce the bass frequencies

with true energy and impact.


Of course "Crystal V2" speaker shares the fantastic medium treble unit at work on all our range of speaker.


After 2 years of development, Crystal V2 speaker is available both as passive speaker with crossover or as

the Signature version with it's DSPV4 processor to be bi amplified.


For those who need really all the music, low-infra  included, we developed the “Odyssey” Sub Woofer.

The “Odyssey” is digitally driven and goes linear down to 18 Hz.


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FREQUENCY RESPONSE (Hz-kHz +- 3 dB) : 21 - 45

TWEETER (20 kHz - 45 kHz) : Ribbon Super Tweeter

MEDIUM (200 Hz - 20 Hz) : DuoPoleTM M2

LOW (21 Hz - 200 Hz) : Subwoofer 23 cm

IMPEDANCE (Ohms) : 8

DIMENSIONS (H x L x P cm) : 124X 28X 56

WEIGHT (Kg) : 65

WARRANTY (year) : 5


In order to contact AudioNec, please phone to +33 (0)1 60 54 36 42 or contact us by Mail.