At the begining of the "Answer" project our design goal was to conceive a speaker dedicated to big rooms with no size limit.


As a result the rather wide (80 cm) "Answer" speaker uses an exceptional main driver used as a dipole in free air without any box that is wide band from 200 Hz to 20000 Hz, with a high efficiency close from 100 dB per Watt at 1 meter. This ultra fast and dynamic main driver is built in France by AudioNec.

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To complete this unusual design, we created a matching bass section that works as an open baffle design and also as a dipole.

This has been implemented also in an innovative unusual way with a 75 cm square flat bass panel. The bass section of the  "Answer" uses 4 of those exceptional panels in an open design that works from 15 Hz to 200 Hz. To complete those new drivers we added a ribbon super tweeter that covers the frequencies from 20 kHz to 45 kHz.

"Answer" are optimised dipole speakers that make it easier to install the system in the room and to create a realistic sound stage.


Having this exceptional design, we had to ensure that it can be integrated into the listening room the best way. As you know, the room is one of the deciding factors about the sound quality of any system.  Therefore, the advanced DSP system of the  "Answer" speakers not only brings the drivers and their integration close to perfection, it also provides the ability to include one of the most sophisticated room acoustic correction system you could imagine.

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The "Answer" is powered by a stereo amplifier per speaker. Instead of amplifying the right and left channels, each stereo block processes the basses in one way of amplification, the medium and trebble in the other way of amplification.



Size of the bass section: 75 cm Wide X 85 cm Height X 26 cm Deep

Size of the medium/high section: 33 cm Wide X 75 cm Height X 22 cm Deep

Weight: 105 Kg

Sensivity: 96 dB

Impedance : 8 Ohms

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